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consecutive classroom and shop instruction, leading to hands on experience, followed by classroom discussion.
  slide show and discussion
instructor demonstrating cutting technique
preparation of work area and safety considerations. Proper equipment use, torch lighting safety and angle cutting demonstration.

Leak Testing: about using suitable leak test solution for every connection and joint.

Safety: precise and thorough instruction followed by a quiz.

Brazing: instruction on preparation of work area, proper equipment use and material handling.

Heating: instuction and demonstration.
Oxy-fuel cutting cannot cut stainless steel and aluminum. Oxy-fuel is used on ferrous* metals at thicknesses less than 4 in. with a handheld torch. Oxy-fuel efficiently cuts even the thickest metals in half the time of plasma. *(iron-containing).
Plasma* cutting yields higher quality cuts than oxy-fuel cutting. The high velocity gas heats metal, melts the unwanted area and separates it from the metal by the force of the moving gas. Plasma cutting is used on non-ferrous metals not greater than 2 inches in thickness.
*(an ionized gas that conducts electricity).
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